Convention Proceedings and Essays

Annual Convention Documents

Organize a conservative group on the general basis of Part I of the “Confession of Faith“. W. H. McLaughlin

“Our Duty with Regard to Missions” G. Schupmann

“Suggestions for a Church Paper” O. G. Schupmann

” Our Willingness to dissolve the group, whenever the present Missouri Synod Organization returns to the Brief Statement Position ..”. H. F. Koehlinger

Convention Sermon:Ezekiel’s Message for These Critical Times – Ezekiel 13:1-16. – PEKpdf_icon

  1.  Concerning False Teaching
  2.  Concerning Unscriptural Appeasements

Convention Essay:Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Inviolability of Holy Scripture
Convention Essay:Distinguendum Est!;(An essay on the proper distinction of certain points regarding the Doctrine of the Church and Ministry)

Convention Essay: “Baptismal Grace” O. G. Schupmannpdf_icon
Convention Essay: “Woman’s Position in the Church” A. M. Schupmann
Convention Essay: “An Exegetical Study of Galatians 5 with Practical Applications” P. E. Kretzmannpdf_icon
Convention Essay: “Topic: Young People’s Work” M. L. Natterer

Convention Sermon:The Only Source of Sufficiency for an Evangelical Ministry – 2 Corinthians 2:16; 3:4-6. – WAMpdf_icon

1952 Special Convention
Convention Essay: 1952 Special Convention

Convention Essay: Essay -Congregational Autonomy—And Fellowship

Convention Essay: “Autobiographical References in the Epistles of Peter” H. F. Koehlinger
Convention Essay: “Matthias Flacius Illyricus” P. E. Kretzmannpdf_icon
Convention Essay: “Conversion – Process or Crisis?” A. M. Schupmannpdf_icon
Convention Essay: “Scriptural Teaching on the Financial Support of Church -“Work Versus Merchandising in the Churches” P. R. Bloedelpdf_icon
Convention Essay: “The Biblical and Confessional Doctrine of the Antichrist” F. Q. Schupmannpdf_icon
Convention Essay: “Exegesis of John 17, Parts I and IIa. W. H. McLaughlin


Convention Essay: “Luther and Calvin” P. E. Kretzmann
Convention Essay: “The Seventh-Day Adventists” M. L. Natterer
Convention Essay: “Christ’s High Priestly Prayer” W. H. McLaughlin

Convention Essay: “The Genesis of the Formula of Concord” J. E. Shufelt

Convention Essay:A Review of the Book of the Prophet Hosea

Convention Essay:The Nature of a True State of Confession, Especially on the Part of a Church Body

Convention Essay: The Inspiration of Scripture
Convention Essay: The Place of the Christian Woman in the Church and Home


Convention Essay: “The Place of the Christian Man in the Church and Home” M. L. Natterer
Convention Essay: “The Scripture Doctrine of Holy Baptism” E. C. Hallstein


Opening Convention Sermon: Keep the True Christian Unity – Ephesians 4:1-6. – HDMpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: The Peace Which He Has Established with the Entire World – 2 Corinthians 5:15-21pdf_icon

Convention Essay: “The Place of the Christian Child in the Church and Home” M. L Nattererpdf_icon



Convention Sermon: What is Necessary Among Us That We Might Go Forward in the Work of the Lord – 1 Peter 5:5. – PRBpdf_icon

No Essay



No Essay


Convention Essay: The Doctrine of Church Government by F. Pieper

Convention Essay: The Scriptural Relationship Between Justification and Sanctification

Convention Essay: A True Lutheran Congregation Practices Church Discipline


Convention Essay: “The Christian’s Entire Life a Life of Praise to God” E. L. Mehlberg


Convention Essay: “The Scriptural Position We Still Hold” (Thesis on the Doctrine of the Church and Ministry) P. R. Bloedel

Convention Essay: Toward Union in the Unity of the Spirit


Convention Essay: “The Problem of Maintaining the Church and the Ministry — by Martin Luther” P. R. Bloedel


Convention Essay: “The Doctrine of the Call” E. L. Mehlberg
Convention Essay: “Practical Considerations Concerning Preparation for the Lord’s Supper” M. L. Natterer


No Convention held


Convention Essay: “Can and Ought A Christian Be Certain of His Salvation — by Dr. U. V. Koren” J. A. Schmitt


Convention Essay: “The Exercise of Christian Love in Christian Stewardship” M. L. Natterer


Convention Essay: “Lessons for Today from the Seven Letters of Revelation” H. D. Mensing
Convention Essay: “Scriptural Principles Concerning the Right and Duties of Voting Membership” M. L Natterer


Convention Essay: “A Timely Study of the Fourth Object of our Conference Joint Extension of the Kingdom of God” M. L. Natterer

Convention Essay: Our Anniversary Study, Part I: Reflections on the Past
Convention Essay: Our Anniversary Study, Part II: Goals for the Future


Convention Essay: “Justifying Faith the Only Source, Motive, and Power of Christian Sanctification” P. R. Bloedel


Convention Essay: “How the Unity of the Spirit is Destroyed:”
“Part I Concerning Unionism” P. R. Bloedel
“Part II Concerning Separatism and Selective Fellowship” O. W. Schaefer


Convention Essay: “Our Faithfulness to the Lord in the Light of Judgment Day” M. L. Natterer


Convention Essay: “The Authority of Scripture According to the Lutheran Confessions” R. D. Styx
Convention Essay: “The Doctrine of Justification According to our Lutheran Confessions” H. D. Mensing

Convention Essay: Essay – A Popular History of the Concordia Lutheran Conference


Convention Essay: “Faithfulness on the Part of Pastors and Members” O. W. Schaefer


Convention Essay: “True Christian Fellowship A Mark of Orthodoxy” O. W. Schaefer


Convention Essay: “Christian Giving” M. L. Natterer


Convention Essay: “Personal Mission Work” E. E. Erickson


Convention Essay: “Prayer: The Truly Christian, Scriptural Doctrine and Practice”


Convention Essay: “The Office of the Ministry of the Church” P. R. Bloedel


Convention Essay: “The False Claims of the Millenialists”


Convention Essay: “God’s Love Reflected in his Children” M. W. Dierking


Convention Essay: “The Crosses that the Christian Bears are Evidence of God’s Love for Him” D. T. Mensing


Convention Essay: “Our Future Ministry” P. R. Bloedel


Convention Essay: “Loyalty to the Scriptures” M. L. Natterer


Convention Essay: “The Proper Interpretation and Use of the Holy Scriptures”


Convention Essay: “The Lord’s Supper Involves Our Firm Trust in the Lord and in the Pure Teaching of His Word” P. R. Bloedel


Convention Essay: “The Absolute Necessity of Good Works in the Life of Every True Christian” P. R. Bloedelpdf_icon


Convention Essay: “The Christian’s Perseverance in the Faith.” M. W. Dierking


Convention Essay: “The Nature, Exercise, and Preservation of Christian Fellowship” D. T. Mensingpdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon: The Importance of Spiritual Mindedness in Our Lives as Christians and, of Course, Therfore, in our Efforts as a Conference of Lutheran Christian Congregations. – Romans 8:1-11. – PRBpdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon: Speaking the Truth in Love – Ephesians 4:14-15. – PRBpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: God-Pleasing Love. – 1 Corinthians 13:6. – MLNpdf_icon

Historical Essay: “The Missouri Synod’s Slide into Heterodoxy, 1932 – 1947” – DTMpdf_icon

Doctrinal Essay: “The Need, Purpose and Function of Admonition and Discipline in the Christian Congregation” – ERSpdf_icon

President’s Reportpdf_icon






Opening Convention Sermon: Be of Good Cheer; Thy Sins Be Forgiven Thee! – Matthew 9:1-8. – MLNpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: The Knowledge of Sin and Its Wages is Indispensable for the True Appreciation of the Gospel – Romans 6:23. – DTMpdf_icon

Historical Essay: “Schism in the Orthodox Lutheran Conference and its Reorganization as the Concordia Lutheran Conference, 1956” Part A – DTMpdf_icon

Doctrinal Essay: “The Doctrine of Sin and its Significant Relation to Salvation by Grace in Christ” – ERSpdf_icon

Report of the Editorial Committee Excerptpdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon: What is Gain, and What is Loss? Philippians 3:4-11. -ERSpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: A Man is either a lover of God or of the World; he cannot be both. – 1 John 2:15-17. – RAMpdf_icon

Historical Essay: “Schism in the Orthodox Lutheran Conference and its Reorganization as the Concordia Lutheran Conference, 1956” Part B– DTMpdf_icon

Doctrinal Essay: “The Great Danger that Worldliness Presents in Our Congregations and in the Lives of Individual Christians” – EJWpdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon on 1 Corinthians 1:10 & Sunday Convention Sermon on Ephesians 2:8-10pdf_icon

Historical Essay: “More Controversy – Satan’s Plague to Disrupt Godpleasing Fellowship” – DTMpdf_icon

Doctrinal Essay: “The Saving Grace of God” – RJLpdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon: Two Timely Reminders for Orthodox Christians – Ephesians 4:3. – RJLpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: The LORD Commands Separation! – 2 Corinthians 6:14 to 7:1. – EJWpdf_icon

Practical Essay: “What we Christians Object to in the Scouting Movement” – MLNpdf_icon

Doctrinal Essay: “The Difference between Scriptural Separation and Sinful Separation” – DTMpdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon: The Visible, Outword Evidence of Invisible, Inward Faith in Jesus – Acts 2:42. – RJLpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: The God-Ordained Duty of Christian Pastors in the Local Congregation – 1 Peter 5:2. – EJWpdf_icon

Doctrinal Essay: The God-ordained Participation of Christians in the Local Congregation – DTMpdf_icon

Committee on Theological Education Convention Reportpdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon: The Lord, Our Righteousness – Jeremiah 23:5-6. – EJWpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: What God Accomplished FOR US in His Son – 2 Corinthians 5:21. – DTMpdf_icon

Doctrinal Essay: The Active Obedience of Christ – His Righteousness for Our Justification, Romans 5:18b. – PEBpdf_icon

Report of the Committee on Lutheran Unionpdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon: Why Children Need a Christian Father – Ephesians 6:4. – EJWpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: God’s Perfect Wisdom Concerning a Godly, Christian Spouse! – Proverbs 31:30. – RJLpdf_icon

Doctrinal Essay: The Importance of Choosing and Having a Truly Christian Spouse – MLNpdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon: A People RIPE for God’s Terrible Judgment-A Famine of God’s Word! – Amos 8:1-14. – EJWpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: The Dire Prospect of Sheep Having No Shepherds – Matthew 9:36-38. – DGRpdf_icon

Convention Essay: Redeeming the Time with Respect to the Training of Future Pastors – EJWpdf_icon

I. The Scriptural Doctrinal Imperative of Ephesians 5:16pdf_icon

II. The Scriptural Application to the Training of Future Pastorspdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon: The Evil of Sinful Separatism – 1 John 2:19. – DTMpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: A Probing Question Regarding Sinful Separatism – Jesus Your Only Savior Asks, “Will You Also Go Away?” – Lohn 6:60-69. – EJWpdf_icon

Convention Essay: Sinful Separatism – Satan’s Vicious Device to Destroy the Unity of the Spirit among True Brethren – RJLpdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon: Sola Scriptura – The Foundation of Faith. – Ephesians 2:20. – DTMpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: Sticking with the Authoritative Word of Jesus – John 8:31-32. – RJLpdf_icon

First Convention Essay: The Authority of Scripture for the Establishment of Doctrine (John 8:31-32, Romans 15:4, 2 Peter 1:20-21) – PEBpdf_icon

Second Convention Essay: The Authority of Holy Scripture for Truly Orthodox Practice – EJWpdf_icon



Opening Convention Sermon: Christ, our Divine Prophet – “The Messenger of the Covenant” – Malachi 3:1. – DTMpdf_icon

Sunday Convention Sermon: Christ, The Divine Prophet, Proclaimed the Grace of God through His Vicarious Atonement. – John 1:17-18. – RJLpdf_icon

Convention Essay Part I: Christ, Our Divine Prophet-“The Angel of the Lord” in the Old Testament. – EJWpdf_icon

Convention Essay Part II: Christ, Our Divine Prophet-“ The Messenger of the Covenant” in the New Testament – PEBpdf_icon