Luther’s Lament – Excerpt from Concordia Triglotta p.455

Even before Luther’s death, false “Lutherans” were perverting the true teachings of the Lutheran church. How might Martin Luther react to the perversions in Lutheranism today? We suspect with the same type of  indignation that we see below. Excerpt taken from Luther’s Preface to the Smalcald Articles.

What shall I say? How shall I complain? I am still living, writing, preaching, and lecturing daily; [and] yet there are found such spiteful men, not only among the adversaries, but also false brethren that profess to be on our side, as dare to cite my writings and doctrine directly against myself, and let me look on and listen, although they know well that I teach otherwise, and as wish to adorn their venom with my labor, and under my name to [deceive and] mislead the poor people. [Good God!] Alas! what first will happen when I am dead ?

 Indeed, I ought to reply to everything while I am still living. But, again, how can I alone stop all the mouths of the devil? especially of those (as they all are poisoned) who will not hear or notice what we write, but solely exercise themselves with all diligence how they may most shamefully pervert and corrupt our word in every letter. These I let the devil answer, or at last God’s wrath, as they deserve.

 (Concordia Triglotta, p. 455

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