Joint Fellowship Service: Peace, St. Mark’s and Trinity congregations

On Sunday, May 4 (Misericordias Domini — “Good Shepherd Sunday”), Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church (F.L.C.) of Oak Park, Illinois, and St. Mark’s Ev. Lutheran Church (F.L.C.) of Sauk Village, Illinois, held a post-Easter joint service according to their long standing custom.  This year the service was hosted by St. Mark’s, and Peace Ev. Lutheran Church (C. L. C.) of Oak Forest —their sister congregation in fellowship— was invited to participate.

The Conference’s fifth-year seminarian, Mr. Paul Bloedel, taught the Bible Class; Pastor Robert J. Lietz, the pastor of Trinity and vacancy pastor at St. Mark’s, served as liturgist; and Pastor David T. Mensing of Peace preached the sermon on John 14:1-6.  His theme was: “Hope for Us Homesick Pilgrims,” (I) anticipating the mansions of our heavenly Father’s house, (II) anticipating the glories prepared for us by our Savior, and (III) anticipating even the treacherous journey homeward in confidence of our safe arrival.

The three congregations also celebrated the Lord’s Supper together in “the unity of the Spirit” as a further testimony of their fellowship and, following the service, also enjoyed a  sumptuous luncheon prepared chiefly by the ladies of St. Mark’s.

Following the dinner hour, Pastor Lietz prepared for his afternoon and evening schedule of meetings and classes; Pastor Mensing left for the airport and his connection to Midland, Michigan, for the services of Peace’s remote contingent there; and the ladies of the three congregations held a baby shower for Laura Bloedel, the wife of our current seminarian, who is expecting their first child, God willing, at the end of May.  All in all, it was a joyful and edifying day for all the brethren, and another wonderful opportunity to share together their blessed, God-wrought fellowship characterized by perfect onemindedness in His precious Word and kindly brotherliness in all things, to the glory of His grace.

D. T. M.