First Sunday in Lent – Saturday

He will guide you into all truth. – John 16:13.

In the three years that He was with His disciples, Jesus had declared unto them the whole truth, and told them all things which they had to know for their own and all mankind’s salvation.  Nothing was wanting. But where was it all now?  Fear and sadness covered all the disciples, as with a dense veil.  This veil the Savior sought to lift in that night, with many kind words.  But now the time was  short.  A spiritual numbness had come over the disciples.  Therefore He said: “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth” (John 16:12-13a).

Into the whole truth, which the Savior had already told them, the Holy Spirit would guide them, and make it an inward possession; light, bright, and clear unto faith’s divine comprehension.  Not “of Himself “ would the Holy Spirit speak; no new things would He teach, but only those things which He would “hear” in the eternal and ever-present counsel of God, and which the Savior had already revealed unto them.  He would also show them those “things to come” in time and eternity, which the Savior had already foretold them (v. 13b).  The Holy Spirit was to “glorify” Jesus alone; for He was to testify of Jesus only, and what He had done for us (John 16:14). All the “things that the Father” has, His divine being as well as His saving counsel and compassion and operation and work, all, all is Jesus’ own, and is in Jesus, and has appeared in Jesus, and is to be found in Jesus (John 16:15). Therefore, the Lord said to His disciples: “He shall take of Mine, and shall show it unto you” (v. 15b).

Note this, Christian!  For this is said to you, too.  Through His continued work in the Gospel, the Holy Spirit does the same thing for us today.  It is not through any separate revelation or new message, different from what the Savior taught during His ministry, that the Spirit continues to sanctify us poor sinners and guide us into the way of truth, but through the same Word which has been spoken ever since the beginning, the Word of the Gospel of our salvation in and through our Savior.  So, make diligent use of the Word of Jesus!   There all things are revealed that are able to save you and preserve you in the saving faith.  By means of this Word, the Holy Spirit will continue to guide you into all truth, and glorify Jesus, yes, Jesus, in you.

PRAYER – Lord Jesus, my Savior, my entire salvation, I ask of Thee to let Thy Holy Spirit, through the sure promises in Thy Word, rid me of my faintheartedness, and so continue to enlighten me with His divine light, that I may behold more and more the whole saving truth of Thy Word with the clear eye of faith.  Thou, O Jesus, art the saving Truth.  Continue to glorify Thyself within my heart through Thy Word, that I may continue to know Thee rightly, firmly believe in Thee, and cheerfully and confidently wait for the things to come, for there I see no gloom, but only blessed light.  Amen.

O Holy Spirit, grant us grace, that we our Lord and Savior;

in faith and fervent love embrace, and truly serve Him ever;

so that when death is drawing nigh,

we to His open wounds may fly,

and find in them salvation.

Help us that we Thy saving Word, in faithful hearts may treasure;

let e’er that Bread of Life afford, new grace in richest measure.

Yea, let us die to every sin,

for heaven create us new within,

that fruits of faith may flourish.

(Hymn 293, st. 1-2; TLH)

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