#45 – “Now, the Hour of Worship O’er”

“Now, the Hour of Worship O’er”
by Hartman Schenck, 1634-1681
Translated by Oscar Kaiser, 1865- , st. 3

1. Now, the hour of worship o’er,
Teaching, hearing, praying, singing,
Let us gladly God adore,
For His Word our praises bringing;
For the rich repast He gave us
Bless the Lord, who deigned to save us.

2. Now the Blessing cheers our heart,
By His grace to us extended.
Let us joyfully depart;
Be our souls to God commended.
May His Spirit ever guide us
And with all good gifts provide us!

3. Bless our going out, we pray,
Bless our entrance in like measure;
Bless our bread, O Lord, each day,
Bless our toil, our rest, our pleasure;
Bless us when we reach death’s portal,
Bless us then with life immortal.


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