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164 – Ministry How Conferred

MINISTRY HOW CONFERRED   § 164. The ministerial office 1 is conferred upon its incumbents by God,2 by the Holy Spirit,3 by Christ,4 the Head and Archbishop of His Church,5 through the congregations,6 which, by the call extended through them,7 delegate

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165 – Ordination

ORDINATION   § 165. The ministerial office being conferred through the call of the congregation, the ecclesiastical rite of ordination is but a public acknowledgment of that call and of its acceptance, and of the fitness of the person called for

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166 – Qualifications for the Ministry

QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE MINISTRY   § 166. The qualifications prescribed by the Head of the Church for those men 1 who are to be called to the ministerial office are soundness of doctrine, aptness to teach, blamelessness of life, and a

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167 – Equality of Ministers

EQUALITY OF MINISTERS   § 167. The incumbents of the ministerial office, either in one congregation or in different congregations, are equal in rank among themselves, no degrees in the ministry having been established by the Head of the Church.  Matthew

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169 – Validity of Ministerial Functions

VALIDITY OF MINISTERIAL FUNCTIONS   § 169. Inasmuch as all those to whom the ministerial office or certain functions thereof have been delegated or conferred are, in the performance of their official duties, servants of Christ 1 and functionaries of the

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