118 – Christ’s Resurrection

CHRIST’S RESURRECTION   § 118. Christ’s resurrection, by which the God-man,1 according to His human nature,2 with the same body which was laid in the grave,3 but in a glorified state,4 came forth from the sepulcher on the third day of

119 – Christ’s Ascension into Heaven

CHRIST’S ASCENSION INTO HEAVEN   § 119. Christ’s ascension into heaven was the glorious termination of His visible conversation with His church on earth 1 and the visible 2 entrance of the God-man,3 according to His human nature,4 into His heavenly

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120 – Christ’s Sitting at the Right Hand of God

CHRIST’S SITTING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD   § 120. Christ’s sitting at the right hand of God the Father Almighty 1 is the full and constant participation, according to His human nature,2 in the exercise of the universal dominion,

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121 – Christ’s Coming to Judgment

CHRIST’S COMING TO JUDGMENT   § 121. Christ’s coming to judge the quick and the dead will be the visible culmination of His exaltation, inasmuch as it will then be made manifest unto men and angels, good and evil, that all

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122 – The Office Of Christ

THE OFFICE OF CHRIST   § 122. The office of Christ is threefold, sacerdotal, prophetic, and royal.    

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123 – Christ the Priest

CHRIST THE PRIEST   § 123. Christ, the God-man,1 was and is our High Priest,2 and our only 3 Priest, inasmuch as He in the work of redemption mediated between God and man,4 performing by His active obedience 5 in man’s

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124 – Christ Our Only High Priest

CHRIST OUR ONLY HIGH PRIEST   § 124. That Christ, and He alone, was qualified to be the Redeemer and Savior of mankind appears when we consider that: a.)  Being God and man in one inseparable person,1 He was not personally

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125 – Christ the Prophet

CHRIST THE PROPHET   § 125. Christ is the promised Prophet 1 to mankind inasmuch as, being Himself the wisdom 2 and the truth 3 and having in Him all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge,4 He in the days of

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126 – Christ the King

CHRIST THE KING   § 126. Christ is King in a threefold kingdom, the kingdom of power, the kingdom of grace, and the kingdom of glory.   John 18:37 Pilate therefore said unto Him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered,

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127 – Christ’s Kingdom of Power

CHRIST’S KINGDOM OF POWER   § 127. In His kingdom of power, Christ the God-man with His omnipotence governs the universe, controlling and directing all creatures according to His wise, good, and just purposes.   Matthew 28:18 All power is given

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