CL’s 1951 – 1959

The Orthodox Lutheran /

The Concordia Lutheran

The official periodical of the
Concordia Lutheran Conference


– 1950’s –


  • Cover: [Photo of St. John’s Church, Okabena, Minn.]
  • Articles of Agreement
  • Orthodox Lutheran Policy
  • Their Witness Does Not Agree – H.A.Strumpler
  • God’s Peace Is Ours All Is Well… – Wallace A. McLaughlin
  • The Missouri Synod – Yesterday and Today
  • A Devotion based Upon Dr. Martin Luther’s Exposition of Psalm 23. – Herbert F.Koehlinger
  • Luther’s Great Hymn of Defiance – “If God had Not been on Our Side” – Paul E. Kretzmann
  • Our Relations with the Wisconsin and Norwegian Synods
  • Contend for the Faith! – Poem – PEK


  • Cover: Greetings!
  • Confession of Faith – Professed and Practiced By All True Lutherans
  • Resolution… Trinity Lutheran Congregation, Crete, Illinois. – A. T. Kretzmann
  • The Lord Is Our Shepherd – A Devotion Based Upon Dr. Martin Luther’s Exposition of Psalm 23. – HFK
  • With Our O.L.C. Men – Wilmot, South Dakota. – Lansing, Illinois – Coos Bay, Oregon – Tinley Park, Illinois
  • A Christmas Story. – GS
  • An Ambrosian Hymn, Recast By Luther. – PEK
  • The Missouri Synod-Yesterday and Today
  • Poems: The Day-Spring From On High (Luke 1:78 & Rev. 22:16) / On New Year’s Day (Matthew 28:20 b) – PEK


  • The Oak Park Debate – Report on the November 28, 1951 Meeting of the Chicago Study Club At Which the Orthodox Lutheran Conference Was Discussed. [Missouri Synod President J. W. Behnken in attendance]
  • Church Dictatorship in the Missouri Synod…
  • The Difference… New Missouri / Old Missouri
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd – A Devotion Based on Luther’s Exposition of Psalm 23. – HFK
  • Biographical Sketch of Pres. W. H. McLaughlin
  • Of Church and State – From the Brief Statement
  • Lincoln’s Creed / Washington’s Prayer
  • The Handwriting On The Wall… By the Rev. August C. Waechter, S.T.M, pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod), Chicago.
  • Where Can People Find Out Both Sides in the Missourian Controversy?
  • Pilgrims (A Pre-Lenten Meditation) – PEK
  • Is the Preservation and Propagation of Pure Doctrine a Mission? – WAM
  • Division At Okabena
  • TMO Conquest-For Whom?
  • The Sheep Depend On Their Shepherd – HFK
  • They Shall Not lay Unholy Hands! [Poem] – PEK
  • Lent
  • Of Redemption – Brief Statement, par 8.
  • The February Oak Park Debate… [Pres. J.W. Behnken and Vice Pres. Grumm in attendance]
  • Group Adopts Two Resolutions [Resolution of the Orthodox Lutheran Conference]
  • OLC Convention Held Jan. 30-31
  • Why We Joined the O.L.C. …
  • 5 Congregations Sign Up at Chesterfield
  • New Coos Bay Church Established..
  • “The Lord Is My Shepherd”…
  • Contrition and Conversion Discussed
  • Mo. Synod Officials and The O.L.C
  • Meet Mr. Strumpler
  • Thou Cross of Calvary! [Poem] – PEK
  • Of Justification – Brief Statement, Article 17
  • The Whitewash That Blackened… – PEK
  • Appendix [to the Common Confession] Discussed at Oak Park
  • Freedom from The Yoke of Bondage – Galatians 5:1. – WAM
  • Easter Trust [Poem] – PEK
  • Did They Conspire To Ignore Issues? – Walter P. Scheitel
  • Luther’s Unique Easter Hymn… – PEK
  • Our Accusations Against Mo. Synod
  • What Others Think Of The O.L.C
  • Where Does The Missouri Synod Stand
  • The Ascension of Christ
  • Editorial Objectives
  • Jubilate! – A Hymn for the Third Sunday After Easter – PEK
  • Who Killed the Chicago Statement?
  • The 1945 Chicago Statement Reviewed
  • False Leaven Permeates The Missouri Synod Lump
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd… HFK
  • How To Improve Your Appetite for The Word (From a Presidential report of Pres H. Schwan of the Missouri Synod in 1881)
  • Luther’s Powerful Pentecost Hymn – PEK
  • How Pittsburgh Ousted Its Pastor [Re. W. H. McLaughlin]
  • Easter Peace – John 14:27 (An After-Easter Meditation) – PEK
  • Cover: The Sevenfold Gifts
  • Luther’s Hymn to The Triune God
  • Church Work Booming in Minneapolis
  • The “Forty-Four” Today – Where Are They and How Do They Stand?
  • How Congregations Lose Their Rights
  • “United Testimony on Faith and Life”
  • “The Common Cofession, Part II”
  • One of Missouri’s Forgotten Men-Pieper
  • Cover: The Bill of Rights:Amendment I / Christian Liberty
  • Announce Program for the August OLC Convention in Minneapolis
  • The Word They Still Shall Let Remain In Lebanon! – HFK
  • They Are Still Subscribing to the Doctrine Of The 1945 Chicago Statement…
  • Attend Fruitful Meeting at Height-of-Land, Frazee, Minn. – WAM
  • Unionism – The Sin Of Mixing Religions (Part of a presentation of Unionism given in 1924 by Dr. F. Pieper)
  • How Long Shall Protests Continue Before Separation Becomes Necessary? – WAM
  • Luther’s Heroic Hymn Against Pope and Turk – PEK
  • A University Professor Warns Pastors
  • What About Baptism? – PEK
  • WHY Does the Orthodox Lutheran Conference, with all true Bible Christians, OPPOSE LODGERY? – PEK
  • Using Words with Double Meaning
  • The Faithful Are Denounced As Stubborn People
  • I See No Man But Jesus Only (Matthew 17:8; Galatians 2:20) – PEK
  • OLC Conference Meets Aug. 23-25
  • A Prayer for Christian Travelers – PEK
  • Missouri “Thirst for Fellowship”
  • Another So. Dak. Pastor Ousted
  • Subsequent Signers of The “44” Statement
  • Pastor Koehlinger Refutes Kauth Letter
  • Unionism, The Sin of Mixing Religions, Forbidden by God – Dr. Francis Pieper
  • A Thank You – H. A. Strumpler
  • People Spoil Their Own Cause – E. Reim
  • List of Releases On Historical and Doctrinal Matters
  • Dr. Kretzmann’s New Book Is Reviewed – WAM

Cover: Hitherto Hath the Lord Helped Us!
A New Name and yet An Old familiar Name.
The Agreement
New Year – 1957. – OWS
What a Lutheran Layman Should Require of His Pastor. – D. J. Hobbs (Layman)
News. Congregation Resigns from Wisconsin Synod
Overcome Evil With Good – Romans 12:20-21. -H. D. Mensing
Bible Study Outlines on Hipocrisy. – MLN
Brief Lessons – Lesson 12 – The Eighth Commandement. JES
The Last Days – MLN
The Office of the Keys

Cover: The Son of Man Came… To Give His Life a Ransom For Many.
Lent 1957. -OWS
In Memory of Luther’s Death – MLN
Wealth-Honor and Glory – Pleasure. The price for which many sell their Souls. – H. D. Mensing
Missouri, Wisconsin, Slovak and Norwegian Synods Discuss Differences.
Is This Cooperation Merely in Externals?
The Whole World Lieth in Wickedness – 1 John 5:19
As Unto Him [Poem]
Brief Lessons – Lesson 13 – The Ninth and Tenth Commandements. – JES
The Last Days – MLN
The Office of the Keys
O Christ, Thou Lamb Of God, That Takest Away The Sin Of The World Have Mercy Upon Us, And Grant Us Thy Peace.
Christian Steadfastness
A Sign Of The Times
Brief Lessons – Lesson 14 – What God Says Of All These Commandements
Bible Study Outlines – Religion in the Public Schools. -MLN
The Last Days – MLN
Index for the “Orthodox Lutheran” 1955 – 1956
Cover: I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!
Easter 1957
I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
Bible Study Outlines – The Scriptural Teaching of Hell. – MLN
Interesting News
The Unionism Front
Brief Lessons – Lesson 15. The Law and the Gospel. – JES
The Last Days – MLN
Book Review
Cover: My Sheep Hear My Voice, And I Know Them, And They Follow Me.
God Give Us More Christian Homes – OWS
Loyal Soldiers
A Devotion [John 10:27-28] – H. D. Mensing
No Time
Proper Procedure Against False Teachers
Fence Riders – Martin Luther
Sodom and Gomorrah – MLN
Christian Certainty – Romans 8:38-39. – HDM
News from Iowa
Brief Lessons – Lesson 16, The Second Chief Part, The Creed, Article I, The True God and Faith in Him – JES
Church and State
Book Review
Cover: Not Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves Together!
No Spiritual Lull During Summer – OWS
The Origin of Purgatory
The Sabbath and Sunday
A Devotion – Mark 9:24. – H. D. Mensing
The Working Mother and the Juvenile Problem
Churches Cannot Survive Without Dinners
Brief Lessons – Lesson 17, The Second Chief Part, The Creed, Article I, God’s Creative Work – JES
The Unionism Front
Bible Study Outlines – Judging. – MLN
The Millennium and The Day of the Lord
Union Negotiations
Leave It All in Jesus’ Hand
Timely quotations From Martin Luther